Getting Started

Click the Sign Up button below. Complete the initial forms to register and then go to your email to confirm the sign up and set password. You will use the created login and password to access your account. On your account page, you will complete your profile. Be sure to complete the profile; upload images, credentials and other items that will make your application easier to be approved. After approval, you will be paired or matched with students to start tutoring. You will have the option of tutoring the student or client in person or use our online white board located on your page to tutor the students online.
Click the Sign Up button below. Complete the initial forms. You will receive an email to reset your password. Once done, you will be redirected to the accounts login page. Use the created username and password to access your account page where you meet and interact with tutors. You must have your card on file for tutoring to begin. To do this, please select "client" from the top right corner of the screen showing your initials. You will be able to save your card as a client instead of as student. Please make sure that you clearly specify the subject and the level so that you can be matched with a suitable tutor